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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out of the Mouths... June 2012 Edition

Lizzy freaks me out. She showed me a page of scribbles appended with her name and Leanna's (for whom she drew it). I asked her about it (you always say "tell me about this,” because God help you if you think that yellow blob is the sun and it turns out to be a balloon. But I digress) and she says, “oh, it’s just lines in lots of colors; I made it myself.”

So, thinking I would be my usual snarky-parent self, I said, “Is it representational or abstract art?”

“Abstwact,” she says, off-handedly.

“Do you know what ‘abstract’ means, Lizzy?”

“Yeah, it’s wandom colors and lines that isn’t something, just pwetty.”

Did you hear my jaw drop from there, Dear Reader?

I guess she can learn something from the little brat on TV (besides whining) after all.