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Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Been Nearly Two Weeks...

...since my last confession blog post. Busy fortnight.

The usual round of things - school for me and for Abby and Lizzy, a weekend with Leanna, work for the Hubs, laundry, dishes, blah blah blah. And then there was the rest of it.

Helping an acquaintance with some writing tasks (I love it, so much fun, but I'm not yet up to speed so it's slow going). Paperwork that must be completed for camps (and faxed more than once, apparently, because they couldn't find it). Running around to assorted government offices and faxing all that off to the company auditing the Hubs' company's medical insurance. Ordering new Epi-pens for Abby (it expires smack dab in the middle of July and the camps won't (rightly) take an expired pen). A preschool Spanish class recital (wherein Lizzy has forgotten 90% of the words). A preschool graduation (wherein Lizzy either had stage fright or was too busy looking at her beyootiful new dwess to sing in that either). Gymnastics exhibition and the excitement of moving from "Walkovers" to "Flips" (the group name, not the actual skills learned). Date Day with the hubs (Bagels, Prometheus (meh - a review later. Maybe.), Indian food). Preschool end of year picnic (in which they got gloriously dirty playing in the park and the adults ate too much. Fun.)

I'm wiped. And I still have a paper to finish and one to edit. Onward!