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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More than Just the Boobies

Don't get me wrong; I am so, so glad that cancer - any cancer - gets an awareness month.

It's needed.

But oh my Google; I went to a couple of different stores today, one "health food" and one more conventional, and the amount of pink in October... I just find it depressing to know that we've been Saving the Tatas for years now, and there's still no cure.

Not for Boobies. Not for Butts.

Maybe for the girly bits, but I need to do more research on the HPV vaccine (and please let's not make this thread into a vax vs antivax debate; this is my rant).

And the fact that most insurance companies don't pay for colonoscopies until the patient is fifty; that's just stupid. At least Leanna and Lizzy will be able to get their earlier; their father died of colon cancer after all.

Anyway <shakes self> enough of that gloom and doom. Maybe it's partly because October is also the beginning of getting up to work before dawn.

So... at PCC today I got the most beautiful squash. There are three squashes of different types cooling after baking right now, some savory, some sweet. They also had the kids' Zevia pop on sale, including the caffeine free cola. So we're having squash and leftover mac and cheese that Abby made for dinner (for me that's no mac and cheese; I don't need the dairy or the starch and I'll stick with a hard-boiled egg or two with my squash).

I also got a couple loads of laundry, a load of dishes, and quite a lot of cooking done in addition to the shopping; this was after a meeting with the school folks about ADHD accomodations for Lizzy. They totally agree that she doesn't need any special education; the wiggle cushions and other kinetic/tactile focus tools are enough. We just need official word from her doctor that she does indeed have ADHD or something like it (and anyone who has ever met the child would agree) and she'll have access to those focus tools through college.

As I went through this same school district, they didn't realize there was anything wrong until 8th grade, and it was um... not a good experience, I'm kind of amazed at the openness with which the 21st century school system treats learning differences; the stigma appears to be nearly gone. The 1980s were not a good time to be a kid with a learning disability or three.

So actually, in spite of seasonal depression, pinkness depression, grief-depression and anxiety, and getting over a sinus infection... I got a lot done today.

I feel pretty good about that.