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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day Off

Lizzy asked me this morning, quite innocently, if it was my day off.

Well, yes. It's my day off working at AT&T.

But it's nine-thirty AM, and I've already:

  • gotten both kids off to school (reminding Lizzy to keep her hands to herself)
  • eaten breakfast (and logged it in my Weight Watchers database, plus planned the rest of my day food wise)
  • drunk one dose of caffeine and one of Gypsy Cold Care Tea
  • talked with the DirecTV installers (they're working on getting me my employee discount and they can get me a clear signal for about four years due to trees in the protected wetlands next door; then we may have to move the satellite dish)
  • run a load of dishes
  • run a load of laundry
  • folded some laundry
  • tidied up a bit
This afternoon I have a parent/therapist appointment to look at ADHD/grief counseling for Lizzy, then dinner and homework with the kids, then taking Lizzy (not Abby) to rehearsal (the reindeer do not have rehearsal tonight, but the toys do).

Did I mention that Abby was cast as Comet and Lizzy as a toy/sugarplum? Abby is over the moon as it's her first non-ensemble role. Lizzy is excited to be the most experienced toy.

I feel like I've accomplished a fair bit.