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Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Don't Care How..."

I already posted this on Facebook and G+, but I decided to also put it out here on my blog.

As I have noted before, Donald Trump reminds me of a small, whiny, and entitled child.
Posting with sincere apologies to everyone ever involved with a production involving a chocolate factory:
I want a wall. I want a great wall.
I want a wall to keep Mexicans out.
And they need to pay for it!
Give it to me!
I want that girl. I want that other.
I want to grab them and have them,
On my arm, those pieces of asses.
Give ‘em to me!
I have the words. I have the best words.
You must believe me, my words are the best ones,
But now I need more words.
Give ‘em to me.
I want the works. I want this country.
I want to lock it all up in my pocket.
It’s my bar of chocolate!
Give it to me!
I want today. I want tomorrow.
I never said that, you all are just jealous,
‘Cause I have the best stuff,
The women and money,
But never enough stuff,
Don’t care how, I want it NOW!!!