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Monday, June 9, 2014

A New Chapter

:takes a deep breath:

I did it; I gave notice at my current job. I start at a major cell phone carrier on the 23rd.

My feelings are mixed, because I have enjoyed my time working as a professional marketing blogger. But I was offered more money, some benefits I could really use (although likely a worse schedule) for a place about three blocks further from home than my current place of employment. I have a family to help support.

In any case, my training will be for six weeks starting the 23rd, and is from 10AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. It's extremely handy that the kids are going to be at camp that week, because all I have to do it get them ready each morning, and then my dad will come get them and take them to camp, well before I have to go to work. That will give me an hour and a half to get myself ready, do my homework (the new class starts tomorrow, June 10), and so forth, without any "help" from children.

I have to say that although I felt some trepidation about giving notice today, my boss was remarkably calm about the whole thing. Calm to the point, honestly, of me wondering whether they care that I'm leaving at all. I mean, I'm sure they do; it's just that I've never left a position without a certain amount of negotiation, everything from, "Can you please stay until the 21st?" to, "Okay, pack up your things; we'll pay you through the end of the day."

I wasn't really expecting, "Thanks for doing us the courtesy of giving adequate notice. Good luck in your new position."

So good news: I have a new job with better pay and real benefits!
Bad news: none, really; just a weird feeling of disconnection.
Silver lining: when not blogging for a living, you'll probably get a lot more of my time here on my personal blog, because I won't be all written out by the end of the day.