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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Side Effects

A side effect of my switching to a non-blogging job is that I am happy to blog more on a personal level.

A side effect of Benadryl (in Abby) is dizziness. Now drowsiness I've had with Benadryl; its other function is as an OTC sleep aid, after all. But dizziness I have never had from it. However, when Abby was (apparently) bitten by a spider (it looks like my allergic spider bite reaction, but less severe), I gave her a Benadryl and an ice pack. Now she wants to watch TV and doze on the couch instead of playing in the water on a hot day. This is unlike her. I prefer it though; she's an allergenic little person and I want to keep an eye on her.

A side effect of Abby being indoors with me / living in a nice safe neighborhood is that Lizzy can go out to play without her older sisters. She is happily across the street with the little boy who lives there and his younger sister. The younger sister (about four) is not very happy, however, because a side effect of Lizzy being the oldest in any given group is bossiness. This is in turn a side effect of having two older sisters.

I start my new job tomorrow.

Abby and Lizzy (and their little cousin) go to day camp tomorrow (thanks, Grandpa, for camp and transport and logistics!).

Laston and I go to our respective workplaces.

Grandma gets some time off, at least until the kids get home from camp.

A side effect of new jobs and school and Abby allergies and so on is Momma-stress. And I didn't have the money for that pedicure I wanted (my heels need a cheese grater, seriously).

Anyone feel like grating my heels and giving me a massage before tomorrow? I swear nobody is contagious with anything (as far as we know). Unless we have masked the side effects with Benadryl.