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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Miss This

I haven't been blogging lately; you may have noticed. I think it's that because my job is blogging, and has been since October, and I can only write so many two-paragraph posts (usually 38 - 40 a day) at work, do my homework (also a lot of writing) and still feel any inspiration whatsoever. Even my fanfic has fallen far by the wayside.

That is partly for the same reason, and partly because my usual fandom is on hiatus until August. Only so much rehashing I can do (although I am slowly doing some, in a same-story-different-POV sort of way).

And yes, I did just link you to the TVTropes Main Doctor Who page. Because I hate you. ("no, you don't," with an affectionate little nose-tap)

Oh boy, and speaking of the I-hate-yous, is anyone else's kindergartner using that as a way to express frustration, anger, fatigue, <insert negative emotion here>? Lizzy's about to drive me around the bend. It's not the *IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou stomp-stomp-door-slam* of my adolescence, either. It's just very casual, and she doesn't seem to notice how often we tell her it's inappropriate. It seems to be her little thing right now, like sucking her fingers or pinching my elbow or whatever have been in days gone by.

Abby's going to drama camp this summer, along with other activities. Like she needs help with drama <rolls eyes>. I suspect it will be good for actual acting skill though. The craft as opposed to the natural talent, you know?

I dunno, guys, that's all I've got right now. Pretty sad for the first post in a month, what?