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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Take a Deep Breath

I'm done whining for now. Although I still won't object if you choose to share those last two posts; I think it needs to be said as far and wide as possible, and I simply don't have the readership. I love my readers, but to get political posts to go viral like that you have to be - well - a bitch.

And I don't want to.

I think that right now, in order to avoid jobless-depression and the like, I need to do. To think positive and not fret so much. And provided that the unemployment people come through (which they always do; I love them. It's their bosses in our federal legislative branch I'm having trouble with), the biggest of the money issues will be resolved Tuesday or Wednesday. The only issue there will be if they consider my one day in the entirely unsuitable-for-me field of collections as a Bad Thing. And here I go again with the slightly-bitter. Must watch that.


Doing. Busy week planned. Back in school after holiday break. A job interview on Monday (and oh boy, do I want this one; it's pretty much the Dream Job from the sounds of it, and the boss-people sound congenial and it's the sort of job where communication between team members is... cherished. Unlike the one-day... wait. Stop, Jenn, no dwelling on the unpleasant). Endless laundry of course. With no children here during the day there will be time for school and laundry and reading and writing and cleaning house and so forth. And three more weeks until I am on my last nine-week session to get my AA in Communications, and after that I start my BS in Intercultural Communication. I'm actually pretty thrilled, although in the day-to-day it's sometimes hard to see.

So (and I take a deep breath)...