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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parental Love... knowing that your pre-kindergartner acts out at home because she knows that her parents will not reject her, no matter how much of a twerp she is. Or how much they yell. delighting in said pre-kindergartner's strange little ways and sayings, such as, "I'm the most popular kid in my school, shiny like a movie star," while keeping a (mostly) straight face. doing everything in one's power to help your fourth-grader find her missing essay, up to and including emailing various school officials to see if she left it in the library or the music room... and making her face the consequences herself if it can't be found. supporting said fourth-grader by showing her how to work within  safety rules and still sell lots of girl scout cookies. when your mom takes you in to have a flu shot because she thinks it's important. And you're 44 years old. when that same mom, having taken care of your physical well-being with the flu vaccine, hands you twenty dollars and says, "Take this. Take your husband out to lunch. You've had a rough week and I know you'll have a job by this time next week and you'll miss your lunch dates."