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Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Summer Post

  • Uh, yeah, her grandfather dropped her at camp, and he's on the emergency contact list, and he volunteers there and you know him better than you know her, of course he can pick her up. Sorry, I didn't realize that "anyone on the emergency contact list may pick my child up" wasn't specific enough, and I do appreciate you checking just for safety's sake. Can we put him on the pick up list please? Great, thanks! (and Grandpa of course, is thinking hooray! They followed all proper procedural checks!)
  • Lizzy is under the impression that "Awesome is what boys say when they're too boyish to say girls are pwetty."
  • Abby assumed that both the fruit bar and the cookies I packed in her lunch bag were included as part of her lunch and so she skipped snack. Okay, dinner as soon as she gets home it is!
  • Open letter to callers: I do not pick up calls from "unknown caller". If I owe you money or I've won a sweepstakes or something, please leave a freakin' message!
  • The reason the job I got "may start Monday the 20th"? Serious amounts of background check type paperwork.
  • Lizzy got to do "little kid gymnastics" today. And Tuesday through Thursday as well. She's thrilled to bits. Here's hoping she sleeps tonight - maybe they tired her out.
  • Algebra was better for me this time around... and then we got to slope and rate of change. But I'm still doing better in that I'm not a ball of panic. Yet.