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Friday, August 10, 2012

Jobs Happen

And about time, too.

I am now officially an employee of the placement agency, and my job is probably going to begin Monday, August 20.

It's a short contract, a couple months (officially eight-to-ten weeks), but it's a job. I haven't had a paid job in sixteen months. I'm torn between giddy laughter and sobbing with relief.

It'll be a Monday-through-Friday affair, in Bellevue (30-60 minute commute each way, depending on traffic). It's just down the street from the University of Phoenix Bellevue Campus, so I'll be able to get in some tutoring easily.

And it's a writing job. This is key; a job in my actual field of communications. Collating and rewriting help desk knowledge base information into readable English.

Okay, back to giddy laughter now.

Assuming nobody objects to the copious amounts of ibuprofen in my system (I clobbered myself pretty good tripping and falling on Wednesday - spectacular bruise on my right hip as big as my fist - as long as they're okay with ibuprofen, I HAVE A JOB.