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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Abby (9) came home from camp, and her trip in a real airplane with her pilot grandfather, where she actually got to copilot. Lizzy (nearly 5) rushed to show her the picture she drew while Abby was gone.

I had not seen this picture, even though it is apparently of me. "See, mommy, you're naked except for your scarf. You're the one with the M for Mom and I'm the one with L for Lizzy and you look surprised because I'm bigger than you and we're at the spa."


"And those circles are your boobs and that little circle is your belly button."

Um... okay.

Then Abby says with the vast superiority of an older sister, "That's not how you draw boobs, Lizzy, I'll show you how," and proceeds to grab a piece of paper and a pencil while the Hubs and I eye each other askance.

Now keep in mind, we actually use the word "breasts" in this house when they're discussed at all, but the term "man-boobs" has come up when Miz Liz has asked. This becomes important in the next bit of conversation.

"Hmm," says Abby, "It looks like I can only draw man-boobs."

Oh for crying out loud.

So the Hubs directs her to a Basics of Drawing book, which is only to be used on the dining table, not taken into other rooms, etc., because it's his and the adults get tired of their stuff going missing in the kids' room.

And Abby?

Abby is scandalized by the "real looking boobs" in the drawing book.

Yeah. That kind of conversation.