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Thursday, August 23, 2012


They say that too much TV causes a lack of imagination in our kids.

I think not, at least not here at Chez Gamers' Babes.

We do probably watch too much TV. Even the youngest, who won't be five for a week and a half, can quote ridiculous amounts of  My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and even a little of Mommy and Abby's Who fandom (she delights in flipping the light switch and shrieking, "Hey! Who turned out the lights?" to scare us, although she has not of course seen more than the two episodes I deem appropriate). We're more about content than amount.

So by that theory you'd expect our three to not have any imagination to speak of.

But then you didn't spend today with Lizzy.

In addition to helping mommy get quite a lot done around the house and watching a bit of Bananas in Pyjamas on breaks from this activity (while mommy did more math homework, ugh), she's spent most of the afternoon being a "superhero mermaid spy". I'd have taken a picture but as we didn't go anywhere today and she's not yet five, she did this mostly nakies, wearing a tee and panties and hair ties.

And a mermaid necklace ("the pearls hold the magic and the shell turns you into a mermaid or a human, depending on which one you are already").

And a hot pink leather belt inherited from her sister. This belt sported a plastic pencil box ("for capturing bad guys"), a pencil ("it's imaginary - I mean invisible - ink, mom. Spies always have invisible ink!"), a measuring tape ("you have to measure them to make sure it's the right bad guy you catch!") and a long lego ("for building that stuff to climb to the bad guys. You know, in case they're on a roof or something.")

At one point the Roku remote was included in her kit, but daddy nixed that. She's lost it too many times.

I think that qualifies as imagination, don't you?