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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Butterflies and SCIENCE!

Today was the culmination of Lizzy's butterfly unit in science.

Second-grade science is a wonderful thing, because they're so in awe of everything they see. It's the same mindset that made Lizzy come out to the living room one night about 20 minutes after bedtime, all round eyes and discovery impatiently waiting to be expressed. "Mom," she said, in a tone of barely suppressed glee, "Mom, they're called dementors because they make you demented!"

Good catch, kid.

And today, we went on our trip to the Pacific Science Center (on "a bus with comfy seats with beautiful patterns on them!" with a gross or so of other second-graders from our school, and at least one group from five or six more schools from as far away as Moses Lake).

The intention was to see the butterfly exhibit, eat lunch, catch the IMAX of A Beautiful Planet 3D, and then putter around (with SCIENCE!) for an hour before climbing back onto the bus for the trip back to the school.

Three kids to an adult.

Mine were Lizzy, Steph, and A. (so called because I don't have her parents' permission; read the note at the top, folks). These girls are Lizzy's Dream Team, and when I suggested a team name so I could herd them all together easily, they promptly came up with Team Meow.

All righty then.

We played in the Science of Music area (all about sound waves and acoustics), saw a few bugs and snakes (and I, being Geek Mom, used both "Don't wander off," in my best Who accents (which cracked Steph up) and "No Pareseltongue," which made Lizzy laugh)

We saw the movie (fabulous, by the way) and played with the water stuff outside, and then hung out in the Science Playground for the rest of the time.

It was a blast.

I'm freaking exhausted.

Not least because my fitbit noticed that I had achieved my daily goal when we were about halfway back to the classroom from the beautiful-seated bus (thereby scaring the heck out of me). Six thousand steps might be nowhere near fit, but it's rare that I meet the goal, and never before that early in the day.

But we never did get to the butterflies.

The lines were too long for that.

And nobody even cared.