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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beer and Coffee

This is a Cancer Post™ (but in a good way).

And the beer in question is not actually Blue Ribbon (which I think we have discussed before). It is, rather, Budweiser, as that is what my father-in-law historically has drunk.

They are coming to visit.

He's not drinking much anymore though, so I'm glad I only picked him up a six-pack, instead of the 24-bottle case I contemplated. It is, after all, only a few days.

They are, however, drinking coffee, and as they are living in Washington-but-not-Seattle-ish, they are not the coffee snobs we are here in the Puget Sound region; they drink Folgers. Which is nice, because it is relatively inexpensive. Certainly (as a rule) less expensive (and probably more ecologically sound) than our little Keurig coffee pods.

Anyway, back to the cancer post. I know that about a hundred of you on Facebook are already aware of this, but you will still be glad to know that the newer chemo cocktail is doing its job.

And doing it well, in spite of the Side Effects of Doom.

Laston's cancer markers are down about 400 points (that's around 40%, I think). The liver lesions are visibly and markedly shrinking. The only unhappy bits at the moment are gastrointestinal side effects and a certain fluid retention in the abdomen (it makes him look a bit like a malnourished child, with thin limbs and a round belly. It's neither uncommon nor immediately dangerous, but it is uncomfortable. They'll drain it if they have to.)

So he's relatively healthy, just in time for a visit from his folks, who live about an eight-hour drive away. I have a couple of days off for this (in addition to my usual weekend) so I can see my in-laws and help ride herd on excited kids.

Should be a good time.