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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lizzyisms, August 2015 edition

She reads very well for her age, but some words are still a little tricky. Hence this conversation:

"Lizzy, could you get me the little white bottle of spray medicine in the bathroom, please?"

"This one? The one that says, "Pain Releasing?" I mean, "Pain Revealing?" I mean..."

"Pain Relieving. Please do not release or reveal my pain."


I often forget that there are some things - especially brand names - than she may not know:

"I'd rather you used Scotch tape than tacks."

"Can't I use the clear tape?"


And we must stay aware that her reading level does not always match up with her comprehension level... or her tolerance for scary:

"Goosebumps? Are you kidding? You know I get nightmares!"


But she understands analogy and character archetype:

"Too Tall Bear is the Bugs Meany of the Berenstain Bears show."