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Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's Time... clean out the laundry room.

This sounds very simple in and of itself.

But the cat has now been missing - presumed dead - for nearly three weeks.

Three weeks, when talking about a 17-year-old, primarily-indoor cat, means she's almost certainly gone for good.

The presence of coyotes in our area just makes it that much more likely.

And the weather has certainly been warm enough that if her body was under the house we would know it by now.

I'm sad and depressed by this, albeit not surprised, because 17 years old, after all.

But Abby will be a wreck if we're still holding out hope in the form of a litter box and food and water and such in the laundry room, when she gets home from her yearly sojourn to her Nana's house. Abby is starting junior high in a couple weeks, and auditioning for another play in about a week, and she doesn't need to be a wreck right now.

So I need to get that all done by Saturday afternoon.

And I don't want to.