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Monday, June 15, 2015

I Know too Much

At least, too much about show tunes / classical music / musical theater.

I blame my father.

Tunes get conflated in my head until I can't separate them; as an example, a mix tape I made off the radio (yes, I said, "mix tape;" I was in my teens when I made it) means that Jack and Diane always comes after Down Under, and it feels wrong if it doesn't.

I know annoying bits of musical trivia, like the fact that Twinkle Twinkle, the Alphabet Song, and Baa Baa Black Sheep are all the same tune.

Only instrumental music - and only that I have not played on my cello - can be listened to while I am writing. If the music is vocal, I tend to write what I hear, and if it's an instrumental piece I have played, my fingers twist up into the cello fingerings instead of what I meant to type.

Abby played a song on her recorder today, and I can't for the life of me place it. I know it, I can hum it, but I cannot remember what the hell it is from.

The Firebird Suite? Fanfare for the Common Man? Appalachian Spring?

I can't remember.

Maybe there's an app that will let me sing into the microphone on my phone and search for it?

Of course, there probably is an app for that, but it's almost certainly not available for Windows Phone, which is what I have.

I love my phone, but it gets very little love from the world - read: app developers - at large.

Lizzy can identify it as, "from Little Einsteins," which is not precisely useful, as the whole point of that show is to familiarize children with classical music. Abby thinks it's not from Firebird, "because it's not in the Nature Spirit After the Volcano Thingy from Fantasia 2000." I think it probably is. seems to think it's Japanese.

It's definitely not. American or European, for certain.

Doo da doo, doo da doo. Doo da doo da doooo.

ETA: Oh, for heaven's sake, it's one of my absolute favorite symphonies: Dvorak's New World. No wonder I couldn't decide whether it was (Eastern) European or American!

(start around 9 minutes, 30-ish seconds)