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Friday, February 20, 2015

Drama and Music and Plays (Oh My)

Much drama - and not the adolescent kind, except as below - this week.

First of all, this was our week for our annual play with me, my dad, and my sibling. My brother was sick, so my stepmother came instead, and my sister felt ill by intermission, so it was... odd. Not bad, of course, but different from how it's meant to be. And as the play we saw was Carousel, I had to keep reminding myself of the time in which it was set (about a hundred years ago) and the time in which it was written (about sixty years ago). These combined to cause some values dissonance, and I had a bit of trouble with that.

We discussed it a bit during intermission, and I realized that the reason that kind of sexism and abuse doesn't bother me as much in other offerings from Broadway is because those are set in a culture that is not my own (I'm thinking things like Fiddler on the Roof or The King and I or even Kiss Me Kate). The gist of all this is that I had to keep reminding myself that these days, Carousel is a period piece.

It felt weird.

It is also a little weird that Abby is playing Lady MacB- in The Scottish Play. Well, in a preadolescent-friendly fifteen-minute version of the play in any case. Which means that - as a child who loves her some NuWho, and whose mother has explained that Alex Kingston (River Song in Who) has played Lady MacB- professionally - Abby is channeling her inner River Song into the role. It's both cute and scary, and it was probably not helped much by my suggestion that we listen to March of Cambreadth in the car... just to get into the Angry Scotswoman mindset, you understand.

She is also the Gatekeeper in The Ozzard of Wiz. The performance is this afternoon and I'll check  back in then.