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Monday, January 19, 2015

Today I learned,... January 2015 Edition

...Head colds cause Miz Liz to be even more hyper than usual... until she gets a fever and then she's all glassy-eyed and vague. And cranky, my Google, she's like a caricature of a grumpy child. But when she sucks her left thumb and uses her other hand to pinch my elbow, at seven years old, I know she feels rotten.

...Abby has a Berserk Button that means we must Beware the Nice Ones. And its name is Bacon. Do not ever - ever - attempt to steal a slice of bacon from her plate. Or she will commit hara-kiri just so she can come back and haunt you. Or at least smack your hands away from her plate.

...I am basically healthy, although apparently I should see a dermatologist regarding 46-year-old skin with sun damage. And possibly have a sleep study because, well, 46, overweight and Not Sleeping. I thought that would be mitigated when I finished school, but either I have sleep apnea or I am just unable to break the habit of staying up until all hours to study and then snacking to keep myself awake during the day.

...Phlebotomists can get a little strange about my easy, big, fat, O-negative veins. They were unsettlingly excited about how easy it is to draw blood from me. "All doctors are wampires," said Pavel Chekov. Sheesh.

...Every so often we find gold among the dross of Media Aimed at Tweens. Among all the stupid and mean-spirited (unless it is a Very Special Episode) fare found on Nickelodeon of the Disney Channel, we find something... sweet. Girl Meets World, for instance, or Dear Dumb Diary (look 'em up; they're really cute).

That's what I've got tonight, folks.