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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Overthinking It

Where "it" is just about everything.

I have been an overthinker since Day One, I still catch myself at it every day at work - just because the test question mentions that the scenario happens in December doesn't mean that I need to obsess over the date and whether it's a problem due to this holiday or that - and I come by it honestly (don't I, Mom and Dad?).

Abby is much the same, and this was soooooo obvious today.

She made some really good choices today, and one that made my mom and me laugh for a good several minutes.

So Lizzy still has a cold, and she was completely wiped out this morning. We thought she could make it to school though, until the last minute, and so I told Abby to scoot to the bus; I would take Lizzy to Grandma's and if Abby missed the bus I would swing by and take her to school.

I didn't see her when I passed the school bus stop.

And ten minutes later I got a call from Abby, 12, saying that Grandma was driving her to school. She had been at the bus stop, but in an obedient moment, not near enough to the street to be seen by a passing car.

Bad Mommy, bad.

But some really good choices on her part. She walked to Grandma's instead of panicking. She walked straight up there without indulging in distractions. She refused a ride from a neighbor because "he's not on my parent list for school."

I'm very proud; these are good, safe choices.

And then comes the funny, overthinking part.

She gets to school (thanks, Grandma!) and because she is late, has to sign in at the office. She's in sixth grade so she is considered old enough to sign herself in. She peruses the form, fills in the date and the time, tells them she brought her own lunch, and then sits for a bit, looking at the part of the form that says, "Reason for Tardy Arrival."

Eventually she looks up and asks the "office lady" if she can have more lines to write on.

I assume all they need at this point is "I missed the bus."

But thanks to the Overthinking Gene, Mom and Grandma got a chuckle, and all is well at Chez Gamers' Babes.