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Friday, June 16, 2017

Random Things

There are a lot of them.

I survived Laston's birthday - the first since his death - although it required leaving work, half a Xanax, and a long, long nap.

We've got Fathers' Day covered; Abby's dad is alive and well about three towns up, and Lizzy has my dad for all the cutesy things they make in school and possibly in Girl Scouts.

Sore ankle must have been just Unaccustomed Exercise and Too Fat for my Feet, because a feverish cold put me to bed for a day and it was much better after that. And I lost a pound this week but I doubt that did much.

The school year is winding up for the kidlets, although their last day is late due to "inclement weather" days. Everyone's performance in school and work has been... rather less than our usual high standards... this school year, for obvious reasons. But Abby seems to have pulled out of her English Language Arts slump with the Shakespeare unit (because she gets to act it out, natch) and Lizzy's school is all set for next year.

Abby's going to the brand new high school in our district in the fall - she will be in the first freshman class there - so she's excited about that.

I get to be a guest on the Geek Questioner Podcast this weekend! I am so excited about this, partly because I'm not nearly as, well, geeky, as some of my compatriots who have been on it before. Certainly not as much as my late husband was. Or maybe I just put on a better Muggle front than most. 😊

Found out that Laston's book will have an audio version coming out in the 2017 holiday season! Also very exciting!

Some cool new tools at work that should make life easier... though I'd rather have a decent freaking contract. It's been almost five months since we had one.

Um... maybe I don't have as much random stuff as I thought!