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Friday, April 1, 2016

This Week I Learned...

...that I am not ready (and neither is she) to read Lizzy The Last Battle. We can leave Armageddon-analogy for another day year, just as we did the more adult (mid-Season Four and on) episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Abby. Lizzy and I are going to start the first Harry Potter book tonight instead.

...that apparently a FitBit on one's wrist does not read the steps one takes while using that hand to hold onto the grocery cart. I was all over that damn store, and got a measly 800 or so steps out of it? I think not.

...that losing any weight at all during a big eating-holiday like Easter is to be celebrated, as it is most probably a miracle. Even if it was just under a pound. Not all sugar cookies are created equal, you see; it depends on a) whether it is a hand-sized bunny or a finger-sized carrot, and b) who frosted it and what age the froster happens to be.

...that the sheer amount of paperwork involved in wills and all that crap in our litigious society makes me want to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb, Instead, I have a call into the legal consulting thingy provided by my union contract (they provide more than one kind of counselor, it seems). But just knowing that - while one should always have the legalities taken care of - one must do it, well... it makes me need the other counselor some more. Dammit.

...that I use bad language a lot more in my blog than I used to. I think I'm pissed off at the world in general. Sorry about that, Dear Readers. But not sorry enough to stop doing it.

...that although we miss Norwescon (for the second year in a row), just lunch out (without children) for our anniversary was nice too.

...that seeing one's child get rejected - even for perfectly legitimate reasons - is distressing.

...that knowing said child will get over it - and that the place rejected her only because there were too many applicants; they love her there - goes a long way toward easing that distress.

...that I'm glad Little Miz Liz has friends who are not simply the younger siblings of her sisters' friends. She has those too, of course. But she's such a wild one that I was a bit concerned she might come off too rough with the other kids. I was wrong. Kids who barely know Abby and Leanna are asking Lizzy over to play. That makes me happy.

...that I wish my spouse had found out why they changed his chemo schedule instead of waiting for that information until Monday at his next infusion appointment. I suspect it's just that they want a more steady trickle of the damn stuff (and I hope it'll be a lower dose at every week instead of every other). But I don't know.

...that the phrase, "I'm really disappointed in Lucifer," is more than a little strange out of context. I must have laughed for two minutes straight when I realized he was talking about the TV show (he's annoyed that it has turned into a Buddy Cop thing).

...that Lizzy's assumption that her dad is bald, "because he played with mercury and my teacher says it's toxic," is pretty funny. I wonder how long she's been thinking about that...