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Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Normal, New Again

The FOLFOX works a lot better. Less stomach upset, less killer fatigue, more energy. Most importantly, it's working; the first session took the Bad Numbers down by almost 100 points, which is a Good Thing. The zits he can live with (and has medication for anyway). The potential for neuropathy can be minimized by using gloves to do things like cracking eggs and avoiding cold food and drink. Schedule still sucks, but hey, at least he feels less like crap while he's getting better.

He's definitely employable if you can work around the chemo schedule or give him a good, legit work-from-home job.

As far as New Normal goes, things are, well, almost normal. Take this upcoming week, for instance:

Please, take it.

Today was my day off, but I had to go in for a couple of hours because of time missed earlier this week. I came home, loaded and ran the dishwasher, ran a load of laundry, ate lunch (more on Weight Watchers and FitBit later), and boiled eggs for next week. Then I placed a grocery order on, retrieved Abby and our friend/neighbor Y from the school bus (by car), approved a sleepover for late next week (spring break), and went to pick up Lizzy from her school bus stop (on foot, with sunglasses, FitBit, and Laston's cane because a) I need the exercise/steps, and b) I hurt my ankle - not sure how - yesterday).

It's 81F out there today in Seattle, folks. This is not normal.

Tomorrow I have what amounts to an actual day off (insofar as parents get these), as my only tasks are a Weight Watchers meeting (normally ('normally," she says, as though two weeks thus far is already a pattern...) I go Thursdays but I worked today during WW hours), laundry for next week, and making dinner for kids. Saturday and Sunday I work, and Sunday I help the kids pack for...

Monday I work, but the kids are on Spring Break, and Grandma is taking them for a couple of nights.
Monday about lunchtime she comes to get them and they spend the next two days with her and their little cousin. Wednesday they all go with Lizzy to a Girl Scout event at Build-a-Bear, and come home later that evening.

Thursday I have off again, and after Weight Watchers we clean house like mad people for a sleepover, then Friday morning Lizzy and I go to another Girl Scout thing; this one is to deliver donated cookies to the Washington State Patrol.


Sounds exhausting.

Also sounds, well, normal.

What? The WW and the FitBit? Yeah, well... I've gained weight (stress-eating, I suspect, mostly) since Laston got sick. And screw it; as I said in that same link up there at the top, I need this.