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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The More Things Change... likely know the rest.

A Cancer (and flu) Post™

Laston does not have flu; let me very clear, and reassure you all on that point at the start of this post.

His wife does, though.

As I had my flu shot (I'm asthmatic, and Laston's on chemo. Hence, flu shot is pretty much a given), it's likely lighter than it would otherwise be.

Still miserable though.

Not so miserable that I can't find humor in the situation. When the doctor says, "If you can't afford Tamiflu, just treat the symptoms," and my first thought is do I look that badly off financially? (which I am, but I didn't think I looked it particularly), only to find out that Tamiflu, for which there is no generic equivalent, costs $112.25.

With my very decent medical insurance.

No wonder she said it. It had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the American healthcare "system" (quotes intentional).

See, stays the same.

So treat the symptoms it is. I took today off work, and Thursday and Friday are my regular days off. Aside from laundry, I can rest. Fluids? Check. Pain relievers? Check.

Other, more minor but very irritating things also stay the same. For instance, cancer or not, Laston has never learned to replace the toilet paper roll. Lizzy doesn't seem to grok that achy-body mama really doesn't want to be cuddled. Abby will do chores when asked, but there is a lot of eye rolling and sighing.

It's kind of reassuring, in a way.