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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Overkill Can Be Useful

Not a Cancer Post™ (except peripherally)

As you know from a couple weeks ago, I have the flu. Or something enough like it to be classed as "a flu-like virus" if not actually the flu.

And I was getting better.

Then on Friday morning I had what looked like a relapse; temp went back up, coughing some more, etc. I called the doc who said it wasn't uncommon less than ten days into a virus, and to get fluids, rest, etc., plus added some springtime allergy treatment (yes, I know it's not spring. The weather in the Seattle area is though).

Saturday I felt punk but a little better, so I went to work, Dayquil in hand. Scratchy throat, stuffy nose, headache, no appetite (although I don't have a problem with that symptom), the usual.

Sunday I woke myself up coughing, and now - excuse me for the graphics - the cough was, well.... yucky: yellow-green and ewwww. Fine. Called into work so they can tinker with my schedule and I can go to the doc (Laston's not immuno-compromised, but why risk it?). Problem is that at 7AM on a Sunday, nobody is open but the E.R.

At Urgent Care or in my regular doctor's office, they'd take a look at my person and my medical history, take a listen to my chest, and diagnose bronchitis (viral or otherwise). Usually it's treat-the-symptoms, unless it's bacterial. The emergency room is a different place.

They test for everything.

So, we know I do NOT have strep, staph, pneumonia, diabetes, heart problems, or broken ribs.

I do have viral bronchitis.

And I treat the symptoms.

But at least I know.