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Saturday, July 11, 2015

That Which Offends

I find it interesting that different people - even some I count as friends - are so very offended by things that make me shrug and say, "meh."

And vice versa.

Ariana Grande ranted about how much America sucks and basically showed some super nasty behavior (ewww... licking donuts? Who does that?) in public, and half the people I know on Facebook are set to have her run out of the country on a rail. Or tarred and feathered, whichever comes first. Because an actress and singer said mean and stupid things on video.

She posted an apology, which apparently no-one believes. Especially the people who say that "all Disney child stars are horrible," thereby proving they have no clue. Grande made her mark on Nickelodeon, not on the Mouse.

But other actresses and singers - and even people who claim to be experts in something other than singing and acting - are forgiven immediately by some of these same people for things that I personally find extremely offensive. It doesn't mean that I won't - for instance - ever read anything by Orson Scott Card again because he's a homophobe who said in 2008 that he would "actively try to destroy" any government that allowed same sex marriage.

To me that's a lot worse. Even treasonous. Certainly worse than some spoiled 22-year-old behaving badly in public.

But yet I read (some of) his books (not with my kids; they're not old enough).

Just as I listen to (some of) her music with my kids.

You want to vilify Grande, be my guest. Just be honest with yourselves as to why you're mad.

Is it because she acted like a spoiled brat in public? Or is it because you honestly believe that anyone who doesn't love our country the way you do should get the hell out?

Or... and I'll say it softly because I know this isn't the case for most of you (just a few commenters I saw on Facebook)... do you assume by her name and her looks that she's not a "real" American anyway?

If the latter, then shame on you.