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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Gamers' Babes Christmas

This was a weird one, for some reason.

It may be that both Laston and I worked yesterday, so we got to Christmas Eve dinner late.

Or that I have to work tomorrow.

Or that the older two were with their respective other parents early this morning (although that happens every other year anyway).

Or that I don't have to study (although the University of Phoenix always takes a couple of weeks off this time of year anyway).

Or even that we still have not had Abby's birthday party, because she had a high fever that day.

Most likely it is a combination of these things.

But I am finding myself unaccountably stymied by things like assembly instructions written in Japanese (I think). It's not like they don't also have pictures, or that I can usually handle things like that (bad language during assembly notwithstanding); I'm still flustered by same.

One of Lizzy's toys was missing pieces (thank Google, because I really did not feel like supervising the Marker Maker with Wacky Tips process today).

In fact, I think  that right there is the issue; I don't want to Make Markers today, or Design Ribbon Barrettes or Build Bookshelves for that matter. Not today.

But I have Sunday and Monday off, and that just seems like a better time for this stuff to me.

And in the meantime, we got lots of great gifts and giggles in the process. Laston and I got new winter coats, and the girls got stuff they love, and in general, We Did Good.

It just feels weird today.