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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Confessions of A Bad Seattleite

My stomach hurts and has been upset all night. I think it's the ridiculous amounts of coffee I've been drinking in order to stay awake during all that overtime for iPhone-ageddon. But coffee (like computers, airplanes, grunge, rain, and lumber) is a staple of Seattle culture. Is my inability to handle it a sign that I'm a bad Seattleite? I mean, I was born here and I've lived here all my life.

I'm also not a particularly big fan of the Seahawks, which is tantamount to treason in these parts the past year or so. Oh, I don't mind them; I'm just not a sports fan in general. But it's practically religion around here, and aside from the conversation opening that gives me for customers, I can't really bring myself to care much.

I am a fan, however, of the good folks at Apple Health, the Washington State version of the Affordable Care Act. I sure wish we had been signed up with them when we had the Great Moving Debacle of 2013. Because right now we're using the benefits to their fullest; Miz Liz has to have a tooth removed (it's the stainless steel-crowned one; it's abscessed). Because she is under eight years old, they need to pull it under general anesthesia. As long as they're in there, they will fill the other few fillings that we never got done last year. And the out-of-pocket cost is minimal thanks to Apple Health. (And I'll get the health insurance from my work as soon as I am eligible; I don't like to leech off the state any longer than I have to.)

Edit: I would just like to say here that I dithered over the word "leech," and I have had it pointed out to me that I am not leeching off the government; I'm not a... let's call it a habitual user of social services. I pay into the system and have for at least 28 years, and that's what it's there for; to help out when it's needed. But I don't like having to use those services; I prefer to be on the paying-in side than the taking-out side. Prideful? Maybe. But goodness knows I can't afford extensive dentistry without it, and so I'll take it. But it's not leeching.

It just occurred to me that the Momma-fretting about oral surgery on my baby may be a contributing factor to the Upset Stomach of Doom, along with lack of sleep, too much coffee, consistent stress about finances in spite of Apple Health, and general fatigue. And so we come full circle.

Ah well, only a few more days of iPhone-ageddon to go, maybe a week or two. I have Thursday and Friday off and while I will be working on my birthday next week, I am not working overtime that day. I'll pull out of this!