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Thursday, September 8, 2016

"In This House..."

...we do <insert thing here>

There are holiday ones, family ones, etc. My good friend +Tiffany Downes posted one on her Facebook page the other day.

It was of the "we do Geek" variety.

I loved it, but there were a few fandoms missing on hers that I wanted, and a few on her example that don't apply to us (like Winter is Coming; I know the reference, but the kids aren't anywhere near old enough yet).

So I went looking on Etsy for one that had what I wanted.

I didn't find one, but I did find C. Coleman Graphics, and the proprietor was kind enough to customize one for me. She used the correct fonts for each fandom (and I was seriously impressed at the ones she knew; some of them require a very specific geek knowledge to get). So I ordered the one she designed for me as a graphics file.

For my birthday (later this month) I plan to have it printed and framed, and I will hang it on the wall opposite my front door.

I'm not going to post the actual file here, with the special fonts and all; if you want one, order your own from Ms Coleman (not that Ms Coleman). But I'll post our final text.

We believe in Magic
in Middle-Earth and Mordor
Once Upon a Time and in a
Galaxy Far Far Away
Here the question is Doctor Who?
and the answer is 42
We know that this guy are sick,
the Candyman Can
and our Princess is in another castle
We get to the Labyrinth
through a Wardrobe or a Looking-Glass
We aim to misbehave
and we don't care what Muggles think
Undomesticated equines 
could not remove us
We never give up, never surrender
even when we're mostly dead all day
because in this house