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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Two Years Running

Normally we go to Norwescon every year for our anniversary (as you know if you read my blog on a regular basis). We missed last year due to cash flow issues, and this year, well...

...those issues are still there, but more to the point, Norwescon happens on a Chemo Week (so yes, this is a Cancer Post™). There is little chance that Laston will be up for conning on the Friday or Saturday of that week, even if we did have the cash to go and stay in the hotel and all. Which we don't, not for the whole shebang including the hotel room. And there is NO way he'd be up for day trips to the con including the drives up and down.

This is depressing to both of us.

And we've already seen the movies we want to see, dang it.

Maybe we'll just farm the kids out to their other respective parents (as already planned because it's the older two's weekend with Other Parents, and Grandma MAY take Miz Liz if it's a Norwescon weekend anyway (they do Easter-y things like dyeing eggs),) and order in all those spicy and nut-filled things the kids can't handle.

Just to make life more entertaining, I DO work on Easter Sunday. I don't think we get paid extra either, because it's not a national holiday. Phht.

Anyway, yes, this post is just a complaint between calls at work.