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Friday, December 25, 2015

Holly Jolly Christmas

Abby gets Real Manga
Art Supplies
Leanna's only wanted
this book and the
others she got
for AGES
Not a Cancer Post ™

It's kind of cool how well the kids chose things for one another. Abby and Lizzy got Leanna a shirt off her wish list. Leanna got Lizzy and Abby each a cool little toy like a mini-furby (they talk to one another, and are the origin of this post). Abby got Lizzy a cool set of fifteen Roald Dahl books (a Costco special).

Speaking of Costco, my mom renewed our Costco membership. Now that's a gift an adult can get behind.

But man, between gifts from coworkers and friends and family, and employee discounts here and there, a Christmas dinner with few calamities (one spill and one cough-induced vomit) and lots of great stuff (my sister's apple cake is to die for, and I had forgotten how much I adored the mushroom rice of long ago. Balsamic reduction-drizzled squash is no hardship either, and my cousin makes a lovely spinach salad with pear and cranberries and onions). Anyway (I digressed there for a bit), this has been a super Christmas, in spite of the C Word.

Daddy's Little Scientist
The Force appears to be with him
It's been lovely. The big girls are now all snuggled at their respective other parents' houses. Thank you so much, everyone. You have all really saved the holiday at our place. And now I am going to sleep off my food coma while Lizzy plays with her new Kinex dollhouse and Laston hangs out online.

After I post a few pictures. Because nothing says Christmas like excited children.

And adults.