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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Eight? EIGHT?! How the...?

Yes, I know Lizzy turned eight last week, (and went flying with her grandpa!) but having a birthday near Labor Day is hard for scheduling. So we had a party this morning.

Fourteen kids said they'd be here. A couple neighbor kids wandered over too. That's sixteen children, ranging in age from four (some neighbors and younger siblings of guests) to fifteen (Leanna). And one neighbor child showed up with three of her friends (or maybe cousins?) after everyone was gone, saying she had heard there was a party (there are social implications to being the friendly house in the area).

Um, yes, there was a party, but it's over. Sorry. Have a cupcake.

The cupcakes (as always) were fabulous. Our favorite baker made up Lego themed cupcakes with those little Lego brick candies on top. With fresh strawberries they picked themselves in the batter. So YUM.

Did I mention the Lego theme?

My mom, terrific Google Master that she is, found some party games, like L.E.G.O.S. (Bingo with Lego pieces, and she printed them out for us too), Pin-the-spot-on-the-Lego, and Guess How Many in the Jar. We queued up the Lego Movie for those kids who didn't want to play, and sent home party favors of mini-figs and little 20-piece Lego vehicles.

For a party with that age spread, and that many kids, only two sets of hurt feelings and one meltdown over Just Too Much Input isn't too bad a record.

We got some lovely gifts (mostly Lego, natch, and beading kits and stuffed toys), for which thank you notes will be written later.

Now we're off to another birthday party, this for a friend of the family (father of Lizzy's BFF Nat, and spouse of The Baker in Question)

A busy day, but fun. And my house is pretty clean too.